The Sir John Kirwan Foundation’s intent is that Mitey will help address the rising rates of depression and anxiety in our children and ultimately turn our mental health and suicide statistics around. And that’s exciting.

bubblesbubblesbubblesNikki Flexman - CEO

Nikki Flexman


Nikki has a finely honed skill set gained from her career as a lawyer and her position for six years on the Board of Trustees of an Auckland primary school. Her passion for wellbeing and youth has driven her ambition to implement a school wide approach to mental health education in New Zealand.

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Jane Keely

Lead Coach

With more than 20 years experience in New Zealand primary school education, Jane is skilled in mentoring teachers and modelling best practice. A firm believer that happy kids learn, she has a strong desire to develop knowledge and skills in young people to help them navigate a complex and ever changing world.

bubblesbubblesbubblesAmelie Burty - Programme Lead

Amelie Burty

Programme Lead

Amelie has extensive experience delivering digital transformation projects, launching new products and creating digital solutions. She has a degree in business and management and has worked across Europe, the UK, the Middle East and South Africa.